Parkhurst Residents and Business Owners Association

Africa's First Residential IoT Smart Grid Project








The first phase of the smart grid project involved selecting 2 preferred suppliers during a screening process and evaluation of 30 potential service providers.


Currently all solutions are modular and the long term goal once enough uptake has been achieved is to create an embedded generation micro grid with energy sharing and distribution between residents.


All energy distribution will be monitored and controlled through the smart grid.




 Smart City







The  Parkhurst Smart Grid project will create a micro smart city made up of the 2000 households in Parkhurst as well as all businesses located in the area.


Information sharing and smart technologies will be implemented that include but are not limited to:


* Parking information for visitors to the area

* High-tech waste management and recycling

* Digital neighbourhood guide and shopping information

* Sharing economy

* Water recycling and management














Smart mobility solutions will include:


* Cab sharing and smart lift clubs

* Electric charging points

* Electric bike sharing

* Real time traffic information










An independent neighbourhood watch platform forms part of the smart grid that allows residents and business owners to link their individual CCTV systems to the Smart Grid.


This will enable community driven neighbourhood watch programs to get more eyes on the streets.


This will assist and work in conjunction with current security schemes and extend current networks.


Privacy is maintained as only the community and individual homeowners can control access to footage to avoid the technology being used for other purposes.










Smart technologies and communication platforms will rekindle community spirit from years gone by.


This will include:


* Community driven social media

* Mobile and desktop applications

* Communication channels to assist other Smart Grid

   programs such as security, sharing economy and mobility

* email address for all residents

* Other free software solutions










The MeIO online e-commerce portal allows residents to purchase:


* Solar systems

* Other smart technologies and services

* IoT hardware

* IoT software

* IoT installations

* IoT data and cloud solutions


All items on e-commerce portal are from preferred suppliers at discounted rates.












The MeIO portal enables resident to control their homes and smart devices such as:


* Solar systems

* Geysers and pool pumps

* Alarm systems

* Smart appliances

* Homes security

* Temperature settings







The MeIO smart grid software platform has been developed by Seventh Sense IoT and is an open and free platform for all residents to use.


Beta testing of the platform is currently

taking place.


The software can be adapted for other communities free of charge and any IoT ready device can link to this single portal.


Partnerships with Samsung and other IoT ready appliance producers are already in place.



Any IoT ready hardware device can link to the MeIO platform.


Other hardware solutions are available online too in the MeIO e-commerce portal that enable residents to purchase and order online from preferred suppliers and installers.


Residents and technology hobbyists can also download embedded code for free to load onto their Arduino and Raspberry PI micro controllers for DIY IoT projects.


All open source and free.

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